Bean Investment Real Estate
About BIRE:
We find value in the under-valued.
Bean Investment Real Estate is a real estate acquisition and brokerage company built by Terry Bean. Terry is distinguished as a national leader in the multi-family real estate market. In 2009, Scott Stehman joined Bean Investment Real Estate as a Partner, bringing an additional 25 years of multi-family real estate experience to the firm.

Our core business is the acquisition of sized, multi-family properties in select markets in the Western United States. The firm owns, in partnership, more than 6,000 units located in five Western states: Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. We serve a wide range of clients, from wealthy individuals to investment corporations and development companies, with investment real estate acquisition, disposition, partnership formation, joint ventures, financing, asset management and development oversight.

Our philosophy is simple and consistent. We believe in ensuring the interests of the firm are identical to those of our partners. We treat our partners’ money as our own because we are always investors too. We don’t ask our partners to invest in an acquisition without investing alongside them. By adhering to this principle, Bean Investment Real Estate has succeeded in consistently maximizing internal rates of return for investors.

We add value by identifying assets that are poorly managed, undercapitalized, suffer from deferred maintenance or have high current vacancies.

We have a history of improving product quality while lowering operating costs and increasing revenues. Our experience gives us an intimate understanding of interconnected factors, such as rents, vacancies and expenses, and a history of balancing them for optimal performance.

We target properties that require significant hands-on oversight and management, which institutional investors are largely ignoring. We bring Class A management practices to all our projects, with a special focus on Class B and Class C properties.